Mobile Application (My Travel) is produced by Frederic CHAVANNE whose registered office is located at: 16 Avenue de la Rochefoucauld 95250 BEAUCHAMP, FRANCE.
Phone: 33 1 39 60 79 59
Contact: Frederic CHAVANNE
SIRET: 811 157 809 00013


Application object

The application « My Trips » aims to help future travelers to prepare and organize their (s) travel (s).

Services offered by the application
Record information concerning the transport, accommodation, luggage, actions to remember before leaving but also the budget and contacts

Personal data
All recorded data is stored only in the mobile or tablet. This data can be outsourced in the following cases
– Tablet Mobile Backup on a computer using the iTunes software
– Backup the mobile or tablet on Apple iCloud
– Use of internal export functions to the application
– About iCloud space of the user with the activation of the export function in the settings (when available)

The application displays the UDID of the device but does not export this information

Advertisement: In « FREE », the application of this Google ads AdMob, the connecting IP address is used to recognize and locate requests
The app purchases
The application has three modes including two ways to buy
– FREE mode: A trip, some functions and advertising
– Fashion GOLD: A trip all functions without advertising (Tier 1 Price: € 0.99 for Europe)
– PREMIUM mode: Several trips all functions without advertising (Tier 2 Price: € 1.99 for Europe)
Payments management and user registration is made entirely by Apple Inc. as part of the integrated program of purchases managements

For more details and to know the conditions of withdrawal, you can consult the general terms of ITunes

Limitation of Liability

The « My Trips » application does not replace the tickets, tickets and other voucher issued by the various companies consulted during the trip (travel agency, Transportation Company, accommodation, ……).

The developer and publishing company will not be liable for any resulting consequences for the use of this application.

The developer and publishing company may be in any way responsible for mobile network consumption linked to particular advertisements or backups.

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